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Rural cottage Arabaiun Etxea

Arbaiun etxea is a rural cottage in a town called Usun, which is a small town of 16 inhabitants in the Romanzado valley, next to the Arbayun ravine.

The cottage (built in 1872) has been restored and we have recovered all the stone in the interior walls, thus you can see the ceiling wood and the framework. For these works we have followed the bio-construction criteriaand we have used bio building materials as well.

The cottage has got one floor and it has five large doble bedrooms. We can add two additional beds too, which makes it a total of 12 beds. We also do offer two free of charge cradle.

There is a kitchen with washing machine, iron, dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge and feezer, induccion burners, coffee-maker, toaster, mixer and the whole kitchenware. In the bedrooms there are bedclothes and towels. There are four bathrooms (two of them in the bedrooms), all of them have a shower and hairdryer.

There is a living room with chimney and a multipourpose lounge with TV, DVD, library, children's playground, pin pong table, board games, etc.

“Foz” is the term used in Navarre for “ravine” or “canyon”. As a result of the erosive action of the river after million years flowing over the hard and tough rock, a narrow gorge is formed with huge vertical walls.
The “foz de Arbaiun” (Arbaiun ravine) is considered as the queen of the ravines of Navarre. It is a spectacular canyon in the foothills of the “Leire” range carved by the Salazar river. Along 6 Km the river is shut in a wild world, apart from everything and defended by vertical walls of more than 100 m. A natural paradise where life goes on at its finest.
The cliffs, the river and the forest are the habitat for a large number of different spieces of animals. It would be enough to mention that the griffon vulture's colony is one of the biggest of the world (250 reproductive couples.)
The assorted Geology originates a varied vegetable formations.
From Usun a signposted path can be followed which takes you to the Usun bridge at the South exit of the Arbaiun ravine. It is 1,4 Km long and passes by a rest area where you can take a bath in the river. It goes by Saint Peter's Chapel (built in 848) as well.
Seven kilometers further there is The Irunberri Ravine which can be covered through the inside of the gorge. The route is about one kilometer long and the maximum slope is 130 meters. There can be observed interesting bird spieces specialazed in cliffs. A lot of vegetable species grow up in the most incredible places giving the landscape a great pecularity.
In the town of Irunberri there is a visitors center focused on the garges and their secrets.

For more information: www.focesdenavarra.es

At Usun we can go for a walk, hike, mountain biking, canoeing or just take a bath in the river, ride a horse at the Arbaiun riding club (where they offer lessons, crossings, rides by the road, equine therapy, … and there is a canteen to take something to eat and drink.)
We are close to several local tracks as well as interesting art places in the Agoitz-Irunberri basin.
In a range of 10 Km you could go rock climbing, light aircraft flying, paragliding, hang gliding and so on.
And if what you want is to travel around Navarre, we are placed at the pre-Pyrenees area, a place really well connected to visit all the emblematic places. In one hour you can be at Javier Castle (30 Km), Leire Monastery (28 Km), Irati forest (45 Km), Uxue town (49 Km), Erriberri (50 Km), Iruñea (50 Km), Bardenas Reales (56 Km), etc.

The price to hire the whole house for 2010-2011 (we adjust prices to small groups during low tourist season):

High season
Middle season
Low season
Week (10 people)
Weekend (10 people)
Additional bed (one week)
Additional bed (one weekend)


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